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The Survival/Towny Server is a Survival and Towny combo server on the GoldenLeaf Network. It was first released on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014.


There are many different ways to experience the Survival/Towny server. Players can dive deep into the Towny side of the server by joining an existing town or creating their own. Players can also choose to ignore towns completely and venture off into the wild on their own or accompanied by other players.

As players begin playing and interacting with the overworld they'll start to earn experience and level up their Player Level, and Skills like Beekeeper and Gemstone Collector. Players can also interact with different NPCs found on the server to speak with them and access things like the Banking System.



Player Levels[]

Up to 15 levels rn


As soon as a player begins interacting with the overworld they'll begin levelling up a variety of skills. There are 25 unique skills including skills such as Beekeeper and Gemstone Collector.

Players will earn money from performing actions related to individual skills. As a player reaches higher levels within a skill, the amount of money they earn from each action will increase respectively.


Players can interact with the Banker NPC to open the Banking System. Banking allows players to store money safely to avoid losing it on death, as well as earn small amounts of interest on deposited money.