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GoldenLeaf is a Minecraft Server Network. The GoldenLeaf Network is only available on Java Edition Minecraft and is currently made up of a Survival/Towny combo server, and a Creative server.


The server was released on May 22nd, 2014 as just a Survival/Towny combo server and the Creative server was released on February 26th, 2021. The server reached it's record number of online players in 2016 with 137 players online on the Survival/Towny server.


There are many different ways to experience the Survival/Towny server. Players can dive deep into the Towny side of the server by joining an existing town, or creating their own. Players can also choose to ignore towns completely and venture off into the wild on their own or accompanied by other players.


The Creative server is a server focused on building. Players can have up to two 250x250 plots in a flat world to build on. Players also have world edit, plot flags and access to thousands of decorative heads they can use for their build projects.

External Links[]

GoldenLeaf has a number of Social Media accounts and more, each serving a unique purpose and enhancing the community and experience of the server.